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Craftsmanship + entrepreneurial spirit

By Nikolaus Förster

Project description

Stiff brochure with hot foil stamping

The subtitle of Nikolaus Förster’s book Uhren is Behind the scenes of Swiss Manufactories. Laser technology was used to cut out the book title, which, alongside the watch hands on the cover, represents the subtitle literally and serves as a window into the book in both senses of the word. The laser cut is just one of many features that make this book something very special. Further production highlights of this more than 300-page tape-bound hardback include the cover finishing by screen printing and hot foil stamping. It is worth mentioning that Uhren was voted the favourite in the „Book“ category at our annual customer breakfast.

Special features at a glance

  • Stiff brochure
  • Laser cut
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Screen printing


Production and processing at the highest level

With this stiff brochure, the book is held in the spine only by a spine strip and the usual endpapers are not used. The finished cover boards are directly connected to the thread-stitched book block. The book is then trimmed, leaving the trimmed edges of the cover boards visible. The last step is the laser cut on the finished book.

Finishing the book cover

The text “Schweizer Manufakturen” is debossed with a dark-blue gloss hot foil, which forms an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the matt cover material and makes the text more legible. The white and yellow elements on the cardboard cover and the back strip are screen-printed. Laser cutting enables intricate structures to be cut out of paper and cardboard. The watch hands on the cover of this book needed to be cut out of 2.5-mm-thick cardboard, which was only possible with this technique. Laser cutting generates temperatures up to 1,600 °C, which certainly leaves a mark. We would be happy to talk to you in person about what you can do to make this residue less noticeable.

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