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With BioVinyl, we offer you another vinyl alternative alongside ReVinyl, with which you can promote the circular economy.

BioVinyl is identical in quality to conventional pressing and is available in various colours.

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Sustainable alternative

Resource-saving vinyl records

Bio-based PVC is used in the manufacture of this innovative product, which has a third biogenic content and is certified in accordance with the ISCC mass balance approach. The entire BioVinyl manufacturing process is subject to ISCC PLUS certification, which guarantees a responsible PVC supply chain in line with the circular economy.

  • Replacement of petroleum in S-PVC with recycled used cooking oil (biogenic waste)
  • 100% CO₂ savings in bio-based S-PVC production
  • 100% recyclable and reusable in the circular economy
  • Acoustic and optical quality identical to conventional vinyl record
  • ISCC PLUS certification guarantees the traceability of bio-based raw materials throughout the source material in the entire supply chain
  • Available in black and twelve other colours

BioVinyl colour variations


Environmentally friendly products

Ask for our BioVinyl product samples and find out more about ecological alternatives and equipment options here or from your personal contact – together we will design your product to be as sustainable as possible.

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