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Trainee and professional controlling CD production at optimal media

Start your career at optimal media

Learn your craft from the bottom up and get started in the modern world of media – we make this possible. We take pride in offering young, talented individuals well-founded training in the region that prepares them for a wide range of professions every year.

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We offer training

Working together for exceptional training

We are one of the biggest media service providers in Europe, operating from a single production facility. We aim to foster our trainees‘ particular interests and strengths. They learn from the skills and expertise of experienced trainers, who themselves regularly participate in professional development. Our training coach is also on hand to support our trainees, their parents and their teachers. It’s important to us that our trainees are given individual support during the course of their training. This commitment has resulted in many of our trainees graduating at the top of their class. We are happy to offer top achievers positions within the company upon completion of their training, and work with them to secure our competitive edge in the market.

Advantages at optimal media:

  • Qualified training
  • Internal training measures
  • External exam preparation
  • Boarding cost defrayal
  • Discounts at employee restaurant
  • Employee shop with discounted media products

optimal media CEO Jörg Hahn

Jörg Hahn

Managing Director

optimal media Head of International Sales Rufus Kalex

Rufus Kalex

Head of International Sales, Executive Manager

optimal media employee Peter Runge

Dr. Peter Runge

Director Operations, Executive Manager

optimal media Human Resources Personalreferent Mirko Goede

Mirko Goede

Head of Human Resources

optimal media employee Petra Funk

Petra Funk

Executive Assistance / PR

optimal media employee Grit Schreiber

Grit Schreiber

Director Sales & Marketing, Executive Manager

optimal media employee Rainer Hake

Rainer Hake

Director Finance, Executive Manager

optimal media Sales DTF Carolin Hahn

Carolin Hahn

optimal media employee Karina Graetzel

Karina Grätzel

Anja Hartwig

optimal media employee Frauke Pfadenhauer

Frauke Pfadenhauer

optimal media employee Sandra Schaal

Sandra Schaal

optimal media employee Steffi Jaster

Stephanie Jaster

optimal media employee Carol Schubert

Carol Schubert

optimal media employee Mario Schmidtke

Mario Schmidke

optimal media employee Anke Ruehmland

Anke Rühmland

optimal media employee Kiril Antonow

Kiril Antonow

optimal media employee Birgit Bauer

Birgit Bauer

Head of Customer Care

optimal media employee Jens-Justus Brinkmann

Jens Justus Brinckmann

optimal media employee Katja Senkpiehl

Katja Berg

Manager Customer Care National

optimal media employee Susanne Boldt

Susanne Boldt

optimal media employee Manja Brieger

Manja Brieger

optimal media employee Marco Burchert

Marco Burchert

Manager Customer Care National

optimal media employee Madlen Erlbacher

Madlen Erlbacher

optimal media employee Peggy Gonell

Peggy Gonell

optimal media Support DTF Felix Horstmann

Felix Horstmann

Manager Customer Care International

optimal media employee Nadine Havekost

Nadine Havekost

optimal media employee Katharina Meyer

Katharina Meyer

optimal media employee Philipp Müller

Philipp Müller

Andre Peters

Head of Customer Service UMG

optimal media employee Stefanie Volkmann

Stefanie Volkmann

Head of Customer Care WMIS

Claudia Schreiner

optimal media employee Michael Stanislawiak

Michael Stanislawiak

optimal media employee Simon Theßeling

Simon Theßeling

optimal media employee Nadine Wicklein

Nadine Wicklein

optimal media employee Simone Hahn

Simone Hahn

Manager Customer Care Distribution

optimal media employee Ariane Wienigk

Ariane Wienigk

Saskia Schwarz

Head of Sales UMG

optimal media employee Annika Bass

Annika Bass

optimal media employee Heidrun Drabke

Heidrun Drabke

optimal media Key Account Support Print Adrian Haerdle

Adrian Härdle

optimal media employee Cornelia Kaufhold

Cornelia Kaufhold

optimal media Support Print Marlene Zerbe

Marlene Zerbe

optimal media employee Lisa Sadzulewski

Lisa Sadzulewski

optimal media worker Anke Mauerhoff

Anke Mauerhoff

Head of Accounting & Licensing, Executive Manager

Ralf Radoschofski

Manager Marketing

optimal media employee Thorsten Megow

Thorsten Megow

optimal media employee Holger Kristin

Holger Kristin

optimal media employee Audio Mastering Studio sector5 Thorsten Wyk

Thorsten Wyk

Studio Manager

optimal media employee Authoring Studio & Encoding House press9 Steffen Kachel Management

Steffen Kachel

Studio Manager

optimal media employee Creative Martin Scheer

Martin Scheer


optimal media employee Digital Frank Dittmann

Frank Dittmann

Project Management Authoring

optimal media HR chief Martine Krause

Martina Krause

Manager Human Resources, personnel service

optimal media HR employee Personalreferentin Antje Kuilert

Antje Kuilert

Cornelia Doß

optimal media employee Sven Rossner Authoring

Sven Roßner

Studio Manager Authoring Studio, VOD Delivery

optimal media employee Yvonne Will

Yvonne Will

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf

Julia Voelkel

optimal media Sales DTF Guido Timper

Guido Timper

Manuela Borries

optimal media Support DTF Manuela Westerkamp

Manuela Westerkamp

Helena-Johanna Leimbrink

Kati Niesche

Trainee Coach

Silke Zoyke

Christine Strubelt


Jens Fischer

Manager Customer Care Print

Christiane Broda

Melanie Trommer

Steffi Gierke

Philipp Michalke

Florian Becker

Manuel Beine

Head of Customer Service Distribution UMG

Sabrina Pape

Anja Hartwig

Bianca Hansen

Patrick Giebeler

Petra Schult

Anja Herrmann

Franziska Rissmann

Alexandra Friedrichs

Thomas Raich

Maja Klassen

Fabrice Beilke

Christina Thoelen

Head of Customer Care

Juliane Haase

Hannah Elstner


Katharina Neumann

Yanik Wieners

Jonna Bevernitz

Christina Thoelen

Head of Customer Care (Interim)

Tobias Hesse

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