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Vinyl pressing LP

Vinyl records

The analogue quality of vinyl records gives them their unique sound, look and feel. In a world dominated by digital media, vinyl has made a comeback. From processing your audio data to lacquer or DMM cutting at our audio studio sector5 to going on press at the vinyl manufacturing floor, we pour our hearts into each and every unit. The effort we put into our vinyl packaging reflects our position in the premium segment.

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We love vinyl

For the last 25 years, we have been pursuing our passion for the best analogue medium: vinyl records. To capture that authentic sound, we travelled to Finland and Moscow and purchased old pressing machines. We even restored an exhibition piece from the German Museum of Technology in Berlin. Our original, tuned pressing machines and the technically refined new builds offer the best conditions for transferring your audio files to vinyl and giving them an attractive presentation – well-packed and available as elaborate box sets, special releases including a book, CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc, or with a download option, for which we will gladly handle the file conversion and hosting. As a world-leading manufacturer of vinyl and the only pressing plant to provide the full range of services in-house, we offer quality, flexibility and reliability.

  • Lacquer & DMM cutting
  • 7-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch
  • Heavy-weight vinyl

Manufacturing options

Get the best quality from the very beginning

Lacquer cutting for vinyl record production at the Audio mastering studio in Germany at optimal media
optimal media employee quality control DMM masters for vinyl production in Germany at the Audio mastering studio

Our sound engineers possess a fine touch and the years of experience required to offer the best quality when cutting lacquer or DMM masters for vinyl production, or when performing classic analogue mastering services.

With extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology

optimal media employee makes a new colored vinyl record manufacturing in Germany
Two optimal media employees are vinyl pressing at new vinyl pressing machines

We manufacture over 100,000 every day with our tuned classics and impressive collection of new pressing machines.

Each record is infused with passion and craftsmanship

optimal media employe manual vinyl packaging at the logistics in Germany for shipping vinyl worldwide
Two optimal media employees at fulfilment center assemble individual vinyl record by hand and tailored vinyl packaging

We assemble each individual record by hand with the appropriate printed material and tailored vinyl packaging.


Vinyl records made from bio-based PVC

With BioVinyl, we offer a sustainable vinyl record variant. For this innovative product we use bio-based PVC in the production process. The BioVinyl is identical in quality to a conventional pressing and is available in various colours.


100% Recycling vinyl record

The ReVinyl offers you another sustainable alternative. The vinyl record is produced using 100% recycled materials from the in-house material recovery directly at the production site in Röbel/Müritz. Learn more about ReVinyl.

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