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Brochures are a classic softcover product. The way they open and the way they look should reflect the various aspects of the topic covered within them just as much as the content. And for maximum effect, they should be striking and succinct.

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Classic brochures usually feature either adhesive binding or saddle-stitch binding. Take advantage of our diverse range of products, including brochures with Swiss, tape or lay-flat binding, plus gatefolds. We will work with you to develop an effective and expressive concept for your product.

Swiss binding

Swiss-bound brochures are especially elegant. The text block is not bound to the spine, but to the inside of the back cover by a thin line of glue. The text block itself features either saddle-stitch or adhesive binding, and a lining is applied to the spine. This lining serves both as protection for the pages and as a design element, as it is available in different colours.

Tape binding

Tape-bound brochure feature a wide, coloured lining affixed to the spine and cover. This attaches the cover – already cut to size – to the text block of the brochure . The lining is also a design element that gives your brochure a little extra flair.


Gatefold brochure feature flaps at the fore edge, which are folded inwards and can have various widths depending on the desired purpose and look. The fore edge of the text block is cut before the six- or eight-page cover is affixed. The final cut is then made only at the top and lower edge.

Lay-flat binding

Lay-flat brochure can feature either adhesive binding or stitching. The most important thing is that the text block is not affixed to the spine of the cover. This makes the brochure fconsiderably easier to open.

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