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Print consultant at Prepress with clients: Speaking about sharpness of detail and colour space at optimal media in Germany


We bring your images to life! The quality of the print depends on resolution, contrast, sharpness of detail and colour space. During pre-press, we ensure the optimal coordination of the colour profile, substrate and printing technology.


Optimal printing files

Because the quality of your files is decisive in the quality of the print, we will make sure they are optimally primed for printing and print processing in pre-press. Take advantage of our image processing and colour space conversion services. Visit our “Specifications” page for more information about everything that needs to be considered when preparing your files, and how to send them to us.

Overview of our pre-press services:

  • File review
  • Image processing & correction
  • Composition & scan
  • Colour proofs according to ISO standards
  • Data management & archiving
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