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Sustainable production

Ecological product alternatives

optimal media shoulders its responsibility and is continuously working on ecological alternatives and sustainable production methods. You can find out about a wide range of alternatives and equipment options from your personal contact. Choose the production option that best suits your product.

You can read about what we are already doing and what our customers are already contributing to sustainable production in this comprehensive documentation and other notifications. Click here to download.

Sustainable production options

Sustainable products

FSC®-certified paper suppliers

We only work with FSC®-certified suppliers in our production. We also offer you the option of using paper from sustainably managed forests as a means of responsibly using our global forestry resources.

Recycled paper as an alternative to fresh-fibre paper

You can actively reduce the consumption of resources by choosing paper made from recycled materials with a ration of between 30% and 100%. This cuts emissions and significantly reduces energy consumption during production.

Plant-based inks and varnishes

In conventional offset printing, we use organic inks with no mineral oil content as standard. With the use of inks based on vegetable oil, the alcohol-reduced printing process and the renunciation of palm oil usage, we offer you sustainable print products from renewable raw materials. Use water-based dispersion varnishes with the renunciation of alcohol or choose biodegradable film laminations.

Sustainable finishing

We offer many varying finishing options and add haptic and visual accents to your product. There is a range of finishes that also meet your ecological requirements: Blind embossing, single, multi-level, high or deep embossing, applied and inserted title label, die-cutting, laser cutting.

Vinyl records made from bio-based PVC

With BioVinyl, we offer an sustainable vinyl record variant. For this innovative product we use bio-based PVC in the production process. The BioVinyl is identical in quality to a conventional pressing and is available in various colours. Learn more about BioVinyl.

Recycling vinyl record

With the ReVinyl we offer a sustainable alternative to conventional vinyl production. The vinyl record is produced using 100% recycled materials from the in-house material recovery directly at the production site in Röbel/Müritz. Learn more about ReVinyl.

Environmentally friendly packaging for your products

Check whether your products really require cellophane packaging, and consider choosing from using any of our many plastic-free packaging options. Like conventional paper and cardboard, these can consist of between 30% and 100% recycled material.

Compensation of CO₂ for production and shipping

Compensate for the CO₂ emissions caused by production and shipping by purchasing emission-compensating certificates from ClimatePartner, with which we cooperate closely. Take advantage of the opportunity to select specific climate protection projects to offset CO₂ emissions and communicate these transparently to your end customers on the products.

Support of a regional nature protection project

In cooperation with the Nature Park Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heide, we offer you the opportunity to support a regional nature conservation project in the direct vicinity of our production site. By transforming the monoculture pine forest into a climate-stable mixed deciduous forest, you ensure the sustainable development of the nature park. With every tree planted you enable the compensation of CO2 emissions. Learn more about the regional nature protection project.

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