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Print finishing technique Single stage blind embossing for the book

Print finishing

A product has to pique a person’s interest in just a few seconds. Often, the way it opens appeals to the buyer – typically at a subconscious, highly emotional level. Achieving this comes down to the product’s finishing, an area in which we have many years of experience. We offer a range of different finishing techniques that will give your product the look and feel it needs to best express your purpose.

Finishing techniques

The finest finishing

Give your product pizzazz with a unique finishing that stimulates on sight and to the touch. Contact us to find out more, and browse our picture gallery for inspiration.

Selected assortment of finishing options:

  • Hot-foil embossing and stamping
  • Single- and multiple-stage blind embossing
  • Partial UV varnish
  • Laser cut
  • Foil punching
  • Screen printing
  • Coloured edging
  • Foil lamination
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