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Museum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig | Link in Bio – Art after Social Media: Magazin with transparent dust jacket

Art after Social Media

Museum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig

Project description

Highgloss Performance – this is the name of the art form of works designed for social media and websites. With more than 50 works in the form of photographs, installations, sculptures and paintings, the art catalogue „Link in Bio“ shows how the new generation of artists responds to social media and its content, creating an innovative way of working and form of artistic engagement. Glossy paper, silver elements as well as a PVC dust jacket are means to pronounce themes such as artificial intelligence and algorithms, perfection and performance but also post-photography and post-digital pop.

The transparent dust jacket is screen printed in silver metallic. Due to the different materials, the silver-coloured type still stands out – even if only discreetly – from the silver-coloured background of the title. The special colour silver also continues in the content and is printed all over on glossy paper. It thus stands in strong contrast to the uncoated paper printed in neon pink in the last parts of the sheet.

A great opening behaviour guarantees the processing as a hollow spine brochure with a 6-fold grooved cover.

Special features at a glance

  • Transparent dust jacket
  • Silver metallic screen print
  • Dayglow colour in the content
  • Various content papers
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