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Fleisch Codex

Ludwig Maurer

Callwey Verlag

Project description

The standard work for true lovers

Ludwig Maurer’s sixth cookbook „Fleisch Codex“ (Meat Codex) from Callwey Verlag is exclusively about meat dishes – from starters to burger and barbecue recipes to the traditional beef roulade. In addition, there is much worth knowing about animal husbandry, cuts and preparation methods. Although the book is a journey through upscale meat cuisine, it fulfills the author’s claim to be a book for everyone: step by step, the way to the perfect piece of meat is explained.

The design of the book cover is very striking with its page-filling typography. In terms of structure and feel, the cover imitates the fur of the black Wagyu cattle that Maurer breeds himself. The typo and logo are deeply embossed on this cover, like a large brand, with white matte hot foil. The cookbook has 288 pages and is equipped with a dark red headband and box spine to match the colour of red raw meat.

Special features at a glance

  • Cover in fur look and feel
  • Hot foil stamping in white on cover
  • Thread stitching and box spine
  • Shortened endpaper
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