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Wienand Verlag

Project description

Amazing revelation

This year marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great Ludwig van Beethoven. The renowned art book publisher Wienand dedicates a remarkable book project to the master of composition, which already visually attracts all eyes. However, this only at second glance. First of all, the stiff brochure is protected by a glossy cover printed in one colour – nothing special. When you open it, the full splendour and sophistication of the book is revealed. The book cover convinces by hot foil stamping on the untreated grey cardboard. The book is interesting due to the open thread stitching and the coloured folded sheets, only 2/3 of which adorn the spine. For this purpose, coloured dividers in a shortened format are placed around the 16-page folded sheets with a head-to-tail-imposition. This technical cleverness creates a strong visual effect.

Congratulation: With this special exhibition catalog, the Wienand Verlag is one of the winners of the „25 Most Beautiful German Books 2020“ award. You can find detailed information here.

Stiff brochure

  • Stiff brochure
  • Hot foil stamping on grey board
  • Open saddle-stitching
  • Coloured cover with 2/3 book block height
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