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Das Jahr 1990 freilegen
News – 21. September 2020

Prize of the Stiftung Buchkunst 2020


Spector Books wins with „Das Jahr 1990 freilegen“

The Stiftung Buchkunst (Book Art Foundation) annually awards a prize for „The Most Beautiful German Books“ in recognition of first-class design, conception and workmanship. Twenty-five books in five categories were nominated for the prize.

The winner of the 2020 competition is the title „Das Jahr 1990 freilegen“, which we produced for the publishing house Spector Books. We offer our congratulation on this award.

„Das Jahr 1990 freilegen“ was produced as a large-format saddle-stitched brochure. Impressive photographs, essays, text documents and picture series illustrate and describe the year after the fall of the wall on almost 600 pages. Here you can learn more about the features of the winning product.

We also congratulate the Wienand Verlag, which was awarded the exhibition catalogue „Beethoven. Welt. Bürger. Musik“, which is also one of the „The Most Beautiful German Books“. You can find detailed information here.

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