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Western Philosophies

Julius Hofmann

Dr. Cantz´sche Verlagsgesellschaft

Project description

Insights into a series of contemporary art

The illustrated book „Western Philosophies“ by the German artist Julius Hofmann contains works from his series of the same name, which were exhibited at the Droste Gallery in spring 2023. Capable of a variety of artistic techniques, he combines them in his works, creating a style all his own that not only links the different aspects of painting, but also takes a critical look at life in today’s society and helps him to come to terms with prevailing, elementary fears.

The illustrated book itself has a number of subtleties in its production: Two geometric punch-outs on the cover of the hardcover immediately catch the viewer’s eye. They reveal the printed endpaper, which is decorated with painterly structures from Hofmann’s works. The typography on the title and spine is refined with foil stamping in glossy black, which underlines the simplicity of the grey cover.

In addition to these two colours, the complementary colours of violet and yellow complete the book’s outer appearance. The book block features a 3-page colour edging in a special violet Pantone colour, and the headband is chosen as an accent in bright yellow. All four colours of the hardcover are found in similar weighting in Hofmann’s works – an ideal platform for the presentation of his works.

Special features at a glance

  • Hardcover with punch-outs on the title
  • Foil stamping in glossy black on U1 and spine
  • Thread-stitching with box spine
  • 3-sided colour edging in Pantone
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