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Arising Empire | Kontor New Media

Project description

Metalcore in a special guise

„Scandinavia is not necessarily the first region you would associate with metalcore. But in fact there really are some bands there that don’t have to hide behind the greats of this genre. Imminence are one of these groups. The Swedes play a very modern variation on the theme. On their fourth album ‚HEAVEN IN HIDING‘, the quintet put a lot of emphasis on a strong production and also use a lot of electronic sound generation and sound processing tricks.“ (Source: Metal Hammer)

The album has been released in different versions, which are essentially characterised by an eye-catching and appealing design. In addition to a standard black edition, the double records have also been produced in the form of marbled crystal clear/silver/black and as yolk vinyl. A further alternative will be released shortly as marbled blue and marbled yellow/black vinyl. All D-sides feature an etched rose motif.

The graphic concept runs through the entire product range. The booklet in vinyl format, the printed inner pockets and the gatefold for the packaging of the records are decorated with the same motifs as the CD label, the corresponding booklet and the sleevepac.

A special composition has been achieved with the limited box set. The rose motif is repeated in deep embossing on the top of the black hinged lid box. In addition to the CD edition of the album, the contents include an elegant pen set consisting of a quill, five pens and a small inkwell. This is complemented with a 48-page notebook, which is refined with hot foil stamping on the front and a metal chain with a rose symbol on a wax cord.

Special features at a glance

  • Limited box set with exclusive content
  • Vinyl records in black, as Marbled and Yolk versions
  • D-sides of the vinyl records with etched motifs
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