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I am sitting in a room – Archival Recordings 1969-2019

Alvin Lucier

Sound on Paper Editions 2021

Project description

Hommage to Alvin Lucier

„I am sitting in a room“ is the best-known piece by the American composer and sound artist Alvin Lucier. In honour of his 90th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the work’s premiere, Jan Thoben, Bernhard Rietbrock and Trevor Saint have released a hand-numbered edition limited to 500 copies in the form of a box set. This collection of recordings presents, for the first time, the largely unknown genealogy of what is now considered one of the most important experimental compositions of the 20th century. The editors have been able to unearth previously unpublished archival material ranging from Lucier’s first attempt to realise the piece in 1969, to his final performance of „I am sitting in a room“ in Riga, Latvia, in 2019.*

The edition was made in the form of a lift off lid box. It contains three 180g vinyl records contained in white spined sleeves, two CDs in slip pockets, and a 124-page book with diverse entries and the Polaroid Image series „ROOM“ by Mary Luciers.


Special features at a glance

  • Three vinyl records (180g) in white spined sleeves
  • Two CDs in pockets with handle and centre hole
  • Limited and hand-numbered edition
  • Box Set in the form of a lift off lid box
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