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optimal media in December 2021
News – 31. January 2022

Help for associations in the region

We do good

At the beginning of the year, optimal media traditionally makes donations to associations, clubs and charitable initiatives in the region. The suggestions as to who should benefit from the financial support always come from the employees.

The following associations each received a donation of 1,000 Euros:

Friends of the ''Am Papenberg'' Primary School in Waren
Picture: The student representatives of classes 3 and 4 with Uta Thiele (left) and Anne Katrin Schulz (right).

The members of the association would like to set up a library for the 350 pupils and thus arouse their curiosity for books. The aim is to create a place in the school where the children feel comfortable, inviting them to read, learn and linger. By designing an appropriate room and building up a comprehensive stock of books, the existing teaching spectrum is also to be expanded. The donation will now also help with this. The student representatives of the 3rd and 4th classes, together with the headmistress Uta Thiele and the school social worker Anne Katrin Schulz, gathered for the presentation of the symbolic donation cheque, and prepared a heartfelt message of thanks on the blackboard.

Friends of the ''Am Papenberg'' Primary School in Waren
Women's Self-Help Group for Cancer in the Müritz District (Landesverband M-V/S-H e.V.)
Picture: From left: Regine Voigt, Birgitt Pluta and Heike Schreiter

The group has been active for 25 years. Regine Voigt, Birgitt Pluta and Heike Schreiter look after about 30 people affected by the illness on a voluntary basis. They usually organise monthly meetings and joint activities to provide variety, intercommunication and cohesion. Due to Corona, this has not been possible for some time. But the association’s work has not come to a standstill, meaning that contact and exchange of information is currently conducted mainly by phone. It is hoped, however, that events will soon be possible again and that the funds made available will then enable day trips or concert visits for members of the group.

Women's Self-Help Group for Cancer in the Müritz District (Landesverband M-V/S-H e.V.)
Wegweiser e.V.
Picture: Dr. Stefan Merkel and Nancy Kießler from the Wegweiser e.V. association.

The Waren-based association offers individual support for people living with a mental illness, with the goal of leading an independent life while having an active social life. For this purpose, there are various opportunities in day centres and in outpatient care. In addition, the association supports workers with disabilities in taking up, pursuing and securing employment on the job market.

With the financial support, they would like to maintain information cafés at the locations in Waren and Stavenhagen, and help clients finance small holiday trips.

Wegweiser e.V.
Tier-Schutz-Partner Röbel e.V.
Picture: From left: Ingrid König und Donatha Wölk

About 40 people are actively involved in the association. They help abandoned and neglected animals in Röbel and the surrounding area to a healthy and species-friendly life, also supporting people with their own pets who are in need. One focus of the association’s work is the care of currently more than 70 feral cats, including the supply of food and treatment by veterinarians. This support incurs high costs and the donation will certainly relieve the association’s budget in this respect.

Tier-Schutz-Partner Röbel e.V.

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