LE-UV offset printing

We set high standards with our three LE-UV offset printing machines – two eight-colour perfecting press and a five-colour machine + lacquer – and are fascinated by the options they offer.

An overview of some of the advantages of offset printing with energy-efficient LE (low energy) dryer technology

  • Extremely fast drying colours allow immediate subsequent processing
  • High resistance to mechanical influences, in other words scratch-resistant surfaces
  • Printing on uncoated paper with high colour brilliance
  • Powder-free production and consequently smooth surfaces
  • No distribution required
  • Inline enhancement with UV lacquer, all over or spot varnish
  • Environmentally friendly production with by up to 60% reduced CO2 emissions, ozone-free and low-odour production

This way we open up new perspectives for the implementation of your projects / creative print products.