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The Poets Collection

English language poetry in the original language and in German translation

Der Hörverlag | Christiane Collorio and Michael Krüger (Hg.)

Project description

A literary product experience

With this box set, the audio book publisher is bringing together poems in original language by a total of 94 English-speaking authors. On a total of 13 CDs, each packed in pocketpacks with booklet, it is possible to discover the different national languages, dialects, as well as the respective styles and literary influences of the authors in a total of 192 poems in English and in German translation.

Refinement of the slipcase

„The Poets Collection“ is an acoustic map of the world, which also gains in haptic and visual distinctiveness through a slipcase in slipcase box. The „POETS“ lettering is punched out on the front and back of the outer slipcase, and all print-specific components are consistently printed in process colours and fluorescent colours, resulting in an impressive product finish.

Special features at a glance

  • Slipcase in slipcase box
  • Outer slipcase with punched out "POETS" lettering on front & back
  • 13 CDs in 6-sided Pocketpacs with Pocketpacs with finger hole
  • Slipcase, pocketpacs & adhesive bound booklet printed with scale & daylight colours
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