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Radiohead – Kid A Mnesia | Beggars
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Kid A Mnesia


Beggars | XL Recordings

Project description

A vinyl record gatefold album in a triad

Some 20 years after the release of their albums “Kid A” (2000) and “Amnesiac” (2001), Radiohead released a combined re-release under the name “Kid A Mnesia”. The band is celebrating these anniversaries with a special product combination. The packaging has been designed in a kind of „reversible cover“ and features the original artwork of the two albums.

Inside, there is an acoustic triad album that combines the two long players and a few rare recordings on a total of three CDs as well as optionally on just as three vinyl records.

The vinyl record version was made as a gatefold album with three sleeves, including one sleeve which is hinged in the middle inside. The three printed inner sleeves each contain a 12inch vinyl record in black or optionally in red. Both versions are pressed from 140g Virgin Vinyl.

As a counterpart, the CD version was produced in the form of a special Digisleeve with two sleeves and a floating wallet in the middle of the Digisleeve. In addition to the three CDs, a four-page booklet is also included.

Take a close look at the media packaging!

Whether made as a vinyl record or a CD, this special release allows fans of both albums to access them according to their own preferences via the „rotating“ design and discover the exclusive recordings in the middle. A product experience with a note: Please turn!

Special features at a glance

  • Gatefold with a hinged in LP sleeve in the middle
  • Red and black 12inch vinyl records (140g Virgin Vinyl)
  • CD Digisleeve with floating wallet
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