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Coldplay - Music of the Spheres | Warner Music | Parlophone Records
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Music of the Spheres


Warner Music | Parlophone Records

Project description

A Re-Vinyl not of this world

Just two years after the release of „Everyday Life“, the ninth album by the successful british band Coldplay was released, „Music of the Spheres“.

The four-piece band from London has written and recorded twelve new songs, which are all based on the theme of outer space and have been released on 12inch vinyl record and CD. The motto is reflected in the entire design of the album, from the title of the same to the finishing of the printed matter. A glance at the front of the 5mm spine sleeve of the vinyl record, which has been decorated with a circular cut-out and emphasises the spherical content with all its colourful splendour, arouses curiosity about the contents. The printed inside pages give the impression of a starry sky.

The four-page poster is visible through the cut-out. This shows an arrangement of „galactic worlds of colour“, which are particularly well accentuated by a partial and a matt UV varnish. The inner sleeves were printed with a dayglow ink and finished with a partial, glossy UV varnish that reveals hidden motifs depending on the incidence of light. The colourful 140g Re-Vinyl is pressed from 100 percent recycled PVC. Its colour composition is random, making each vinyl record unique. A booklet with 28 pages, a sticker and a download card complete the product. In addition, a limited „Infinity Edition“ was produced, in which the inner sleeves, the four-page insert or the poster as well as the spine sleeve are refined with metallic paint and matt lacquer in silver.

The packaging of the CD version was produced analogue to the vinyl record release as a „vinyl record replica“ spine sleeve with a CD cardboard pocket with a circular cut-out. The motif for the label print of the CD in the shape of a planet serves as a special eye-catcher here. In addition, a sticker, a booklet with 28 pages and the download code can be found in the spine sleeve. The printed matter of both products was made with FSC-certified paper and cardboard.

With this release, Coldplay prove that even a relatively simple set with thoughtful artwork and targeted use of finishes can create a galactic product experience.

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Special features at a glance

  • Re-Vinyl from coloured recycled PVC
  • Circular die-cut on the covers
  • FSC-certified paper and cardboard
  • Partial UV varnish
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