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DMM master cutting for vinyl production at HD audio mastering studio sector 5 in Röbel/Müritz in Germany
News – 19. February 2020

Apollo Masters Fire – impact on optimal media


Apollo Masters Fire – impact on optimal media

As seen on the news in the most recent days a desastrous fire destroyed the branch of Apollo Masters in Banning, California, which was one of the last two remaining suppliers for lacquers, the master discs used for record cutting. The factory burned down completely and at the moment it remains unclear if Apollo Masters will be rebuilt since a completely new construction of the branch would be in order.

It is expected that the loss of this supplier will have an impact on the record manufacturing industry since Apollo Masters is said to be the supplier with the biggest market share and a number of cutting houses and pressing plants around the globe rely on these discs.

For optimal media no setback or impact is to be expected since the majority of our lacquer cutting efforts is done on discs coming from the Japanese supplier MDC. Additionally optimal media has established DMM cutting at its studio long ago and we manufacture the copper blanks for DMM onsite. The production capacity for DMM blanks has been increased already and we have confidence in replacing the loss of Apollo lacquers, which we also used in low amounts by DMM cuts or on MDC lacquers. Our manufacturing will continue to operate as before.

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