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12inch vinyl record with 180g
Press references

Power, Corruption and Lies

New Order

Warner Music Group

Project description

New edition after 37 years

New Order releases the new edition of their 1983 album „Power, Corruption and Lies“ as a Definitive Edition Box Set.

The lift off lid box is covered with linen and finished with a silver hot foil stamping. It contains a 12inch vinyl record with 180g, a CD with the original album, another CD and two DVDs with bonus material and a 48-page book in hardcover. This is made in vinyl record format and, like the box itself, finished with a silver hot foil stamping on the linen-cloth cover.

A white lifting strap facilitates the removal of the vinyl record and the hardcover. Inside the box there is an accurately fitting insert with four cut-outs and additional thumb cut-outs, which make it easier to remove the data carriers.

The design of the back covers of the LP spine sleeve and the mini-spine sleeve of the album CD is based on New Order’s earlier production „Blue Monday“. There is a colour code with a decoding wheel and two cut-outs, reminiscent of the floppy disc pocket of the successful title of that time.

It should be emphasised that all CDs and DVDs are packed in mini-spined sleeves and board wallets, which is usually only common for a vinyl record (known as Japanese mini vinyl replica packaging).

All special features at a glance

  • Definitive Edition Box Set
  • Linen-cloth cover and silver hot foil stamping on the box and hard cover of the book
  • 1 vinyl record, 2 CDs, 2 DVDs and 1 hardcover
  • Cut-outs in the board wallet of the vinyl record and album CD
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