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Müritz National Park partner: Volunteering in Müritz National Park | Tatarbruch
News – 05. May 2022

Work in the Müritz National Park


Together in the name of moorland protection

Since 2021, optimal media has been a partner of the Müritz National Park and thus belongs to the partner network that stands for sustainable corporate management. This also includes providing more information about the park and the activities there for our employees. This includes, among other things, developing joint ideas and offers so that, as a regional company, we can also do something with our staff to protect the environment locally. This gave rise to the idea of a volunteer effort to preserve the moor within the Müritz National Park.

So on Sunday, 3 April, 17 volunteers together with Ms. Thümmler and Mr. Kaiser from the Müritz National Park Office found their way to the moor of the Tatarbruch, near Babke near Mirow. On the approx. 1.5 km long footpath to the place of the mission there was enough time to learn more about the National Park and also the red deer did not miss the opportunity to observe the many new forest visitors in the early morning hours.

In slightly frosty temperatures, but full of zest for action, the helpers were not afraid to get to work. With shovels and wheelbarrows, everyone set to work in beautiful early spring weather to pick up the clay soil that had been delivered and transport it by wheelbarrow through the impassable terrain. This was installed as reinforcement in the ditch, so that the water run-off from the moor will be reduced in the future, thus improving a habitat for the rare moorland lark. Freely according to the motto „Moor must be wet“ and with the positive side effect that biodiversity continues to develop and thus an intact moor can bind significantly more CO? emissions than is usually possible with trees.

After about three and a half hours of working together in the bog, including shovelling, wheelbarrowing, unloading as well as compaction with full physical effort, all helpers looked with a little pride at the work they had done. The impressive clay dam was successfully removed, making the volunteer effort a complete success, not only for those involved, but also for the Tatarbruch.

We would like to thank the team of the Müritz National Park and our hard-working employees for this great result. We look forward to seeing you again soon in the spirit of the National Park Partnership. You can find out more about our partnerships here.


Work in the moor of Tatarbruch

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