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Stephan Shore - Transparencies | Mack Books
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Stephen Shore


Project description

Compositions with the 35 mm camera

In addition to his large format camera, Stephen Shore also took a 35mm Leica with him on his travels. „Transparencies“ reveals a detail-oriented overview of the American landscape of the 1970s. The images show highways and houses, phone boxes, fast food and sun-drenched car parks, and yet they are intimate, spontaneous and personal. Unmistakably, the special format gives these motifs a new meaning – through distinct experiments with composition, attitude and colour.

The book is designed in a large, almost square book block format with the dimensions 300 x 310 mm. The contents of the photo book are printed on matt-coated illustration paper using the LE-UV printing process and additionally finished with a partial UV varnish. The cover design is in accordance with the theme of photography: the combination of a book covered with black cloth and a tip-on symbolises the experience of an exhibition. The offset-printed tip-on is glued into a previously deep-embossed surface. The white typography on the book cover is hot-foiled onto the cloth.

Special features at a glance

  • Cloth binding
  • Deep embossing for tip-on
  • Glued-in tip-on
  • Box spine
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