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101 Great Minds Vol. 2

Uli Reese


Project description

Impressive continuation

Sound branding is often underestimated by companies and agencies. Yet the sound logo is the perfect complement to establishing a brand identity. 101 Great Minds on Music Brands and Behavior is a conversation with top advertisers and marketing executives about the impact of music and sound in the digital age. The great question is how digital transformation is revolutionising all branding.

The acoustic theme is translated in a visually striking way on the book cover – with an illustrated ear and elements in day-glo colour that give expression to the power of sound tones. These are finished with a partial UV Bollywood varnish. Dayglow colours are also found on all content pages. They emerge from the gutter, spread out to both sides and fade into the type area in the form of a colour gradient. A stylistic device that adds dynamism to the analogue medium of the book.

The ear and typography are finished in stark contrast with a matt, black hot foil staming – while the curved, coloured elements on the cover swing towards the viewer and convey a sense of lightness, they give the theme of sound branding the appropriate emphasis.

Special features at a glance

  • Smooth cut
  • Dayglow colour in yellow and green
  • Matt hot foil stamping in black
  • Partial UV Bollywood varnish
  • Thread-stitching with box spine
  • Dyed through endpapers
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