Audio Mastering Studio Sector5

Our audio mastering studio Sector5 has at least one ace up its sleeve: while equipment and locations are exchangeable, our team is not, and their passion for their job – for that unique, special sonic experience – is legendary.
This is what we are dedicated to, whether we are operating our valuable vintage machines or state-of-the-art audio equipment.

Sector5 is synonymous with optimum quality, from professional vinyl processed in DMM and lacquer technology to audio mastering. Our use of analogue and digital equipment ensures that special something.  

Just some of our services:

  • Audio pre-mastering
  • Audio mastering  “Sector5 HD mastering”
  • Audio mastering “VinylArchitekt”
  • Vinyl cutting in DMM and lacquer process
  • Restoration of audio data
  • Analogue workflow

The close proximity of Sector5 to our production facilities safeguards quality as well as efficiency and speed.