Press9 accredited as “iTunes Preferred Encoding House” by Apple

6. February 2017

As a certified authoring studio and encoding house, the Optimal Media brand Press9 Media Solutions Berlin has been successfully processing content for iTunes and many other platforms for more than ten years. Based on our consistent top-quality performance, Press9 has now been accredited as “Apple-preferred”.
The iTunes-Extras certification is also under way at Press9, which will allow customers to use the full iTunes product range in future.

Press9 Media Solutions Berlin authoring studio and encoding house offers the full range of exploitation options for digital as well as physical distribution worldwide. This includes, along with all renowned digital stores, physical data media such as DVD, BD and UHD-BD.

Press9 is among the leading German studios in Europe and is located in Straße der Pariser Kommune 38, 10243 Berlin.