Warehousing & logistics

The world is getting smaller, the pace of change is speeding up. As the pace increases, so do our customers’ expectations of availability, delivery times and service.

So it stands to reason that our services should go beyond the mere production process and include managing the complex tasks involved in storage and logistics on behalf of our customers.

Our international logistics and fulfilment centre allows us to take care of the efficient storage and professional distribution of your products. Our comprehensive range of logistics and supply chain solutions makes us experts when it comes to the coordination of information and material flows.

We can handle individual services on your behalf or manage the whole process chain – B2B, B2C, available as modules. You benefit in several ways: short distances and outstanding expertise optimise efficiency, minimise your costs and free you up to concentrate on your core business.

In addition, we offer you individual service packages for economical storage and professional distribution, both physical and digital.

Storage and inventory management
-    Acceptance of finished products
-    Safe storage
-    Barcode-controlled inventory management

Logistics services
-    From manual to fully automated order assembly
-    Up-to-the-minute order processing

Transport management
-    Start-to-finish handling of shipping, invoice and export documents
-    Optimised shipping conditions
-    Utilisation of global transport networks
-    Simplified customs clearance through AEO-certification

Returns management
-    Acceptance and quality control of returned goods
-    Reprocessing and return to active stock
-    Customer credits and proof of disposal

Fulfilment services
-    Order assembly for sales and promotional campaigns
-    Display supply and compilation of special assortments
-    Product enhancement
-    Economical newsletter dispatch and mailing service

Shop solutions
-    Shop development
-    Integration of inventory control systems
-    Distribution
-    Invoicing and credit control

Customer care services
-    Scheduling of campaigns
-    Order processing
-    Fulfilment processes
-    Reporting
-    Call centre services

Our optimised logistics solutions guarantee efficiency at all levels through a carefully selected mix of options.