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News – 04. June 2020


Sustainable production

Recycling vinyl record

With ReVinyl we offer you the possibility to produce your virgin records in a sustainable way and to meet the growing environmental awareness regarding in the production of physical media products.

The in-house material recovery of edge trimmings and returns from production allows us to produce vinyl records based on 100% recycled PVC. As a result, plastic waste and a large proportion of the production-related CO2 emissions are saved during the manufacture of the vinyl records. The fully integrated production at optimal media guarantees the highest level of process reliability.

Whether as black or as coloured ReVinyl with random colour composition, the sound quality is comparable to a coloured vinyl record. The result speaks for itself and does not only meet the eye. ReVinyl is worth a look and a listen.

Examine the ReVinyl with the magnifying glass:

In addition, we continuously work on sustainable alternatives and production methods.

In our entire vinyl record production, the focus is on increasing energy efficiency and reducing production waste, among other things. We obtain up to 65% of our electricity from renewable energy sources and use waste heat from the production process for heating, dehumidification and climate control in our office, storage and production space.

For more information on ReVinyl and other sustainable product components, please click here.

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