Our excellently equipped finishing department offers fascinating processing alternatives, a wide range of binding options and a guaranteed professional finish.

A wide variety of options allows us to put your ideas into practice.

•    Lamination: glossy or matt, as well as scratch-resistant
•    Varnishing: print varnish, dispersion varnish, drip-off varnish, glitter
     varnish, UV varnish, relief varnish, scented varnish – glossy or
     matt, all-over or spot varnish
•    Embossing: foil embossing, embossing, debossing
•    Cutting, folding and creasing, die-cutting, scoring, perforating
•    Folding and gluing
•    Gathering and stitching
•    Collating and binding
•    Addressed, personalised, numbered and coded mailing

In addition, we provide craftsmanship services at our premises. Because it is our aim to deliver products which truly stand out with their combination of content, look and feel.