For twenty years, we have been ardent supporters of the most beautiful of analogue media: vinyl. The search for its authentic sound has taken us to Finland and Moscow. We purchased old pressing machines and spare parts, even revived an exhibit from the Museum of Technology in Berlin.

Today we are one of the leading vinyl producers worldwide and the only pressing plant to implement the full range of services at our premises to the highest quality standards.

From the creation of the groove in lacquer or DMM technology at our studio Sector5 to the pressing process itself, from the production of a wide range of printed matter and packaging options at our printing plant to manual order assembly, we put our heart and soul and a lot of dedication into every record. Because we understand and share your expectations.

We ensure that the analogue medium of vinyl is presented in striking and contemporary designs which impress – vinyl records in elaborate box sets, as special releases in combination with books, CDs, DVDs or a download option, for which we take care of converting and hosting your data.